Glastonbury T-Day Live Information Board

Remember – Registration website opens 9am Friday but no need to rush..

Ticket registration officially opens 9am this Friday but you have over a month to get yourself registered this year as Michael Eavis has extended the registration to 14th March.

If it's anything like last year your better off leaving it a few days before trying anyway since the site was very slow and unstable due to the masses converging onto the website to try and get registered as soon as possible. There's no benefit to getting registered first as come T-Day it's all down to the luck (and maybe a few helpful hints on here) as to whether you can get through.

There will be, according to M.E, an option to save your registration details this year;
What we’re hoping to do this year is have the registration remain the same year on year. Then all people have to do is tick a box, to say they don’t mind [Glastonbury keeping their information] because of the Data Protection and all that. So they tick the right box and we keep them [on record] so people don’t have to apply every year - unless they go through some rather drastic plastic surgery or something. Hopefully we’ll keep it for five years or so, or hopefully forever. So once you’ve got a registration number it’s still active and when you apply for tickets you just use the same number. We’re introducing that this year.- Michael Eavis on Virtual Festivals Forum Q&A

Personally I'm not sure I'll be using this facility even if it is available this year and I would recommend anyone who does checks the privacy policy for details on 3
rd party usage and data retention policy. Especially since the database holding all this valuable personal/marketing information is likely to be kept by seetickets and their inappropriate use of last years registration data.

Useful links: – Glastonbury Ticket Registration – Official Glastonbury Festival Website – Festival News and great Glastonbury forums.

About this web page:
For those who didn't find us last year, I created a very simple HTML page with IRC chat to provide live updates with any helpful links or phone numbers on the April 1
st Glastonbury Ticket Day (aka T-Day).

The problem being that many larger forums and chat rooms slow-down or are unavailable due to the shear load of people trying to access them (much in the same way seetickets website does!). I created this page based on the theory that by keeping the content as basic as possible and not using any server side scripting it could cope with much larger volumes of people.

This seemed to work last year with over 100 people in the chat room at one point. This year I plan to keep things more or less the same, although I am planning to make the following improvements;